Willem Grosheide

Prof. mr F. Willem Grosheide is liaised to our office in an advisory role.

From 1967 to October 2013, Willem was a registered lawyer in Amsterdam. In 1974 he became an employee of Utrecht University. In 1986 he received his PhD at Utrecht University with a doctoral dissertation on copy right law, entitled Auteursrecht op maat (Bespoke copy right). In 1988 he was appointed Professor of private law (civil law and intellectual property law, in particular copy right law) at the same institute. Willem is specialised in theory and practice of (international) contract law and (international) copy right law.

Besides in his national and international publications and his guest lectureships abroad, Willem’s earlier and current involvement and interest in his field of expertise is visible in, among other things, his long-standing editorship of prominent professional journals such as Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Burgerlijk Recht, Contracteren, Informatierecht/AMI and Intellectuele Eigendom & Reclamerecht, a brief judge-substitution at the Amsterdam court, the presidency of the Amsterdams Juridisch Genootschap, membership of the Ministerial Advisory Committee Committee Copy Right Law, board memberships of the Association for Copy Right Law, the Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale and the Association for the Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property Law.

Currently, Willem fulfils a number of managerial positions, including the board membership of the Karel Appel Foundation and Chairman of the board of the Geschillencommissie Stichting ter Exploitatie van Naburige Rechten (SENA).