We get the job done. However challenging. We work hard and we think hard. To find the best possible solution. To simplify complicated matters. It takes hard thinking to reach transparent simplicity. To change from the blurry to the elegant. From the unintelligible to something one can work with.

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We are a boutique firm rooted in today, connected to tomorrow. We know tomorrow’s technology and today’s laws. Decades of adapting to new technology, have made us forever agile. Block chain governance, copyright innovation, data protection and smart learning, advertising law and social influencers, drones and liability: we have been there. Guiding businesses. Everywhere and always. Adapt to working in a more and more global environment. We are a team. We believe in cooperation. We work with our clients, not just for them. Strategy, solutions, they all improve if they are the result of a joint effort. Whether we provide the legal backbone of our clients’ business, or are hired on a need to have basis by their inhouse legal counsel.

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