What we do


Data are the foundation of every company. Privacy rules determine what a company or institute is able to do with data. Privacy and compliance with privacy rules are extremely important. Clients demand that their suppliers act in accordance with the rules.

We answer all questions about privacy and the law. We provide the company or institute with all tools to remain compliant. We guide ‘privacy by design’ trajectories for new initiatives, help with PIA (privacy impact assessments) and quickly and effectively answer questions about what is allowed and what is not.

Our position is that the entrepreneur or institute should handle their own legal data. We are not and will not become an executive office for our clients. We are not a tick-the-box-factory and have no desire to become such. We believe in empowerment. The entrepreneur or institute should do as much as they can themselves and we provide the tools and jump in to assist when things go wrong. We strive to become redundant as quickly as possible for the daily handling of our clients’ data. That way, the costs remain manageable and we can keep doing what we do best: solving problems.

Audit Protection Personal Data

Together with Soll-IT Auditors, we offer a ‘Audit Protection Personal data’. In this, the privacy specialists of Versteeg Wigman Sprey lawyers conduct a risk class analysis whereby a legal analysis of the applicable risk classes for all personal data is made. The risk class indicates the necessary security level. Soll-IT then checks if the necessary security level is being achieved and will, where relevant, make further recommendations.