What we do

Advertising law

Prior to publication, we will assess whether advertising is allowed and whether it is misleading or not.

In that context, we will assess if advertising is complete and doesn’t have any inaccuracies. We assess the use of superlatives (the greatest, the best etc.). We assess the use of a competitor’s name in advertising. We assess whether a certain expression is advertising or not. We check if distribution happens according to current law. In that context, we assess privacy aspects as well. And we assess sponsoring in television programmes. We know the European sources well and use them when necessary.

We will litigate about advertising law after the fact, in response to a complaint or claim from a consumer or competitor. Or we advise to lodge a complaint or open a case when a company or competitor advertises in illegal ways.

We keep abreast of all new developments and of current rules and regulations. We maintain good relations with the Stichting Reclame Code that establishes the advertising rules. We are co-authors of almost all current advertising codes.

We nurture our long-standing and close collaborations with the relevant branch organisations, such as the DDMA and the NUV.