What we do

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression has its limits. That is not a political statement, but a strictly legal one. Historically, not everyone could always say what they wanted. Insulting one another has never been allowed.

Privacy is important. To what extent can the press probe into personal lives? At what point does the violation of privacy no longer outweigh the interests of the press to inform the public? We answer these questions on a daily basis.

We assess whether a press publication crosses the line. Equally important is the question whether it is sensible to act against the press. Even if a news clip was clearly untrue. Because often, acting triggers more publicity.

We will give our opinion prior to a certain publication. And then we litigate when necessary to obtain publication of a rectification (if sensible) and damages.

Not many people know that freedom of expression also applies, in principle, to advertising. However, advertising is bound by much stricter rules than other publications: advertising cannot even mislead. In addition, in certain settings, advertising has to meet all sorts of notification requirements.