What we do

Labour law

Labour law is an essential pillar of our service.

A good understanding of all aspects of the relationship between employer and employee, and, in line with that, the relationship between client and contractor and that between statutory director and company, is essential in order to advise properly.
We deliver good labour agreements with tailor-made competition clauses, termination options and the like. We do that often for media: for talents, broadcasters and producers.

We also shape agreements about assignments for freelancers and independent professionals and deliver solid management agreements. With these, we pay attention to all aspects of intellectual property.

And in case of a conflict, we act transparently and decisively. Our business-like and professional approach prevents conflicts from getting out of hand. Should that still happen, we’ll litigate correctly and professionally. In so doing, we achieve more than by lashing out blindly. For judges, every case is just one in many: judges are not impressed by drama; they are by facts and valid arguments, as they use those for their rulings.