What we do

Contract law

Collaborations between people are almost always complex. Synthesising complex events into contracts that are highly accessible and as simple as possible, is the essence of our work.

We do this in cooperation processes where parties will have to work together for many years to come, but also in farewell paths. For instance, when a company is being sold. We negotiate sharply and professionally and always after carefully establishing the position of our clients. Realism in the preliminary phases ensures better results.

In the media and creative industries, the value chain is often long and complex. We oversee the entire chain and provide coordinated documents. Especially in an online environment, many parties are involved in communication and operation. We build a robust legal framework.

We take care of contracts between talents and the broadcaster or producer. In these negotiations, we know the market, the prices and percentages. Most parties in the sector know us well and know that we operate in a realistic and professional manner.

We litigate a lot about failed collaborations, disappointing take-overs, violations of contractually transferred intellectual property rights. In discussions about contracts, strategy is essential. We act very precisely with cancellations and terminations of agreements, in order to prevent loss of position and of court cases at a later stage. We know all steps and options. We keep ourselves on our toes by having our choices rigorously tested by our colleagues at the office.