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A work of art is protected by copy right law if it is an original work, and if it is sufficiently creative. This happens automatically, simply by the process of creation.

The artist and his or her heirs enjoy the sole rights to the exploitation of the art work for up to 70 years after the passing of the artist. With unique works, this will probably relate to merchandise-like exploitation. We support artists in the forming of relationships with galleries, agents or clients.

With the arrival of the internet, copy rights have come under increased pressure. Pictures of art works are put up on websites all too often and can be printed poster size or on merchandise materials with just one click. This is illegal and we can act against it on behalf of the artist.

Copy right law also provided personal rights to the artist. An artist does not have to tolerate his work being mutilated or remaining unnamed. Mutilation and displaying without naming are illegal. We support artists in their battle to maintain (the integrity of) their work.