What we do

Film and television

We know the ins and outs of the world of film and television and all its legal aspects.

We know this world from the inside, as three of our lawyers were working in this industry before they became lawyers. We know the regulations of all Funds and maintain close relationships with them. We also teach at the Netherlands Film Academy.

We use our knowledge of intellectual property rights law, contract law, company law and media law when we advise and litigate about film and television programmes.

We know all about international co-productions and can assist you during the entire process. We can advise you about the creation of CV’s that will allow investors to provide capital for a film under favourable fiscal conditions. In addition, we can draw up and assess contracts for co-productions, scenarios and direction. We can also assess whether your scenario, film or documentary would violate intellectual property rights. Furthermore, we advise on the Media Law and related regulations, such as advertising and sponsoring regulations for product placement. Due to our vast experience, we are able to quickly analyse risks.

We support producers, broadcasters, scenario writers, directors, production designers, actors and actresses, and other professionals in the field.